Trip Planning, Surprise Honeymoons & Itineraries

Trip Planning, Surprise Honeymoons & Itineraries

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Using our trip planning service, we handle special requests and special occasions. Our service is fun, fast and professional! 

Please note that unlike our surprise vacation packages, the fee is per trip, not per person, and does not include the cost of your trip. 

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Trip Planning, Surprise Honeymoons and Itineraries

This is our custom planning service, where you set the budget and we do the rest! If you know where you want to go, or are celebrating a special occasion, we'll plan you the perfect trip. We particularly love planning surprise honeymoons, and have a dedicated page describing your options here

No matter what you're looking for, we'll make it happen! We work with you to design and customize an adventure you'll never forget.  We research all your options, read through the reviews, figure out the logistics and make all the bookings, so you don't have to! You could be:

  • Relaxing on white sand beaches, sipping cocktails while the world goes by
  • Trekking through glacial valleys surrounded by majestic peaks
  • Exploring the lost cities of the ancients or
  • Wandering the side streets and colorful neighborhoods of a faraway capital!

Or any combination of these in the same trip! We can make you a detailed day by day itinerary or book the basics and give you some recommendations, it is truly up to you!