Wells & Caroline's Surprise Honeymoon!!

Wells & Caroline's Surprise Honeymoon!!

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Congrats on your upcoming wedding! We’ve planned an amazing European beach honeymoon for you somewhere in Italy, France, Greece, Portugal or Spain from September 23, 2018-September 30,2018.

Your overall budget is $6,000 for flights, hotels and activities and a large chunk of that is going to be the flights to get there. So, part 1 is mainly going towards the flights to your destination. Once we have those locked down, we’ll ask you to submit payment for part 2 which will be the hotels and activities.

You can submit the payments for Part 1 (we split it into the visa gift card and a regular payment) by clicking purchase below and once we book your plane tickets, we will let you know your exact departure and arrival times (but obviously where you are going is still a surprise)!

Hope you’re excited!


-Roshni & Jeff