Sage & Cody's Surprise Honeymoon!

Sage & Cody's Surprise Honeymoon!


Congrats on your upcoming wedding! We’ve planned an amazing honeymoon for you two that we think you’ll love! This $3009 amount includes your round trip flights and all of your hotels (6 nights total), and we’ve already subtracted out the extra $250 you paid us when you placed your order. : )

In addition to this subtotal, you’ll need a rental car for the trip we have planned - don’t worry, it’s not a ton of driving! - Where you are going, we need to use a credit card to hold the rental car reservation. We think Cody’s going to be the driver (since he’s over 25), so the card needs to be in his name. The cost for the rental car is about $300, and we project that you’ll pay about $50 in parking at one of your hotels. Including the rental and parking, your total is about $3,609.

You can submit the main payment by clicking purchase below, and we’ll set up a time to call you to get the card info for the rental car! : )

Hope you’re excited!


-Roshni & Jeff

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