Mori's European Surprise Spring Break - Hotel Upgrade!

Mori's European Surprise Spring Break - Hotel Upgrade!

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Hi Mori!

We have found tickets and hotels that we can put together to make your package work! We have some tickets on hold until midnight, for Sunday 3/25 - Sunday 4/1.  On these tickets you would depart Detroit at 6:30 PM and fly overnight (as nearly all European flights do), and your return flight gets back to Detroit at 6:00 PM on 4/1.  Sorbie's flight from Minneapolis departs a bit earlier, at 3:30 PM, and she arrives about 2 hours later than you at your destination. On the return, she gets back to MSP at 9:00 PM. 

Like I mentioned yesterday, the flights to Europe were a larger proportion of the overall budget, so the hotel we have currently in the budget is a single room with two beds, and the 4 of you sharing a bathroom. Hotel 1 also provides a continental (cold) breakfast daily. 

Hotel 2 and Hotel 3 are two possible upgrades, where we would get you 2 rooms.  Hotel 2 is a solid mid-range hotel, and hotel 3 is a nicely designed 4-star hotel. It's also the hotel that we've booked in the past for both ourselves and our travelers. Both are convenient, and come with full breakfast (buffet with some hot items). We've copied and pasted some pictures below of each, so you can go by more than just our words! We'd like to book your trip tonight, so if you could get back to us today (and pay for the upgrade if you want it), we'd appreciate it! Thanks! Love - Roshni & Jeff

Hotel Upgrade:

Hotel 1 - Quad Room, Single bath - Continental Breakfast

Room 1 Beds.JPG
Room1 Bathroom.JPG

Hotel 2 - Mid-Range Hotel, 2 Rooms, Full Breakfast

Room 2 Pic 1.JPG
Room 2 Bathroom.JPG

Hotel 3 - 4-star hotel, 2 rooms, Full Breakfast

Room 3-Pic 2.JPG
Room 3-Pic1.JPG