Jen & Ken's Australia Trip!

Jen & Ken's Australia Trip!

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Hi Jen!

I went and priced out all the tours and tickets we discussed, listed below. This link is custom for you and Ken to pay for the tours and the plane ticket on Wednesday. In the drop down, you can either pay separately, or place one order for the total and pay each other back (easier from our end!)

Here’s what all I would book for you:

Monday 4/29 - Sydney Classic Bike Tour (x2)

Tuesday 4/30 - Free day!

Wednesday 5/1 - Sydney Opera House Tour (x2), Jetstar Plane Ticket 5:00-6:30PM (x2)

Thursday 5/2 - Philip Island Eco-Tour, Ranger Guided Beach Tour (x2)

Friday 5/3 - Melbourne City Arcades & Lanes Tour, with Lunch (x2)

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