Jessica & Carlos go to GREECE!!!

Jessica & Carlos go to GREECE!!!

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Hi Jessica! We are SO excited to send you to Greece and know that this is your dream trip! We've done a ton of research and picked hotels, activities and made suggestions based on what you and Sandy told us! The description below lists everything included in this package but doesn't give any surprises away!

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For your Greece trip, we selected well rated hotels. We also selected a few prepaid tours that we thought you two would like and we left a few days open where you can decide what to do either when you get there or when you find out your itinerary (don't worry - we'll make some recommendations!). So here is what this price includes:

  • 7 nights in convenient, well rated hotels, including breakfast 
  • 2 Full-day guided tours, and planned (but not booked) additional activities (weather-dependent)
  • Activity, dining, and transportation recommendations

Notes: We specifically left a few days open to let you decide if the weather was nice enough to go to the beach. We're including specific activity recommendations in the itinerary for your free days. We know that you wanted to keep the budget low, so we changed up a few things but still got great hotels!

Love - Roshni & Jeff