Briston & Sarah's Surprise Honeymoon!

Briston & Sarah's Surprise Honeymoon!

from 1,500.00

Hi Briston & Sarah!

We’ve planned out a 2 week trip, which helped the trip have some longer stretches of time to relax at each stop. Our current itinerary has you leaving on Monday 8/6, and coming back on Monday 8/20.

With the flights and hotels we have picked out, the total trip budget stands at $9,200, with you visiting some beautiful places at both of your main stops.

To make the payments easier, we’ve broken the total into 3 parts. Part 1 is going to be going mainly towards booking flights. Part 2 will be mostly the hotel in destination 1 (and it’ll be where we splurge on your honeymoon hotel), and part 2 will be mostly hotels in destination 2. Treat that top budget line as flexible and to-be-updated when we actually get to part 3. We’ll adjust it a little bit, if one of the hotels gets booked up and we have to change the plan.

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