Interested in how it works? Find out below in 3 easy steps!


Step 1: Fill out the trip survey!

In our trip survey, we ask you for some basic traveler information and some fun vacation preferences. Once you've submitted your survey, you can book your trip!

Step 2: Book your trip!

Choose either US, International or an All-Inclusive Resort surprise vacation package. Pick your trip length and the number of travelers, and then check out. That's it, your work is done!

Once we receive your order, we’ll ask you to double check everything on your survey and ask you any additional questions we have. Then, we'll research all your options, read through the reviews, figure out the logistics and make all the bookings. We'll let you know when your trip is booked and post your clues on social media - so follow us @thevacationhunt

Step 3: Go on your surprise vacation!

About a week before your trip we email you a weather report, packing tips, and a tracking number for your surprise vacation envelope!

A few days before your flight, your envelope will arrive in the mail, revealing your surprise vacation destination! It will include all your flight, hotel and activity bookings and personalized recommendations for dining, transportation and things to do.

You can open your envelope when you get it or wait until you get to the airport for a complete surprise! Everything that comes in the envelope will also be emailed to you a day before your trip so you'll have both paper and electronic copies. 

Head to the airport and enjoy your trip! That's it, it's super easy!

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