Traveling to Taiwan: How to Experience Taipei Like a Local!


Taipei is a growing tourist destination, known for its bustling night markets and diverse street food. However, many tourists often find themselves going to the same destinations. As one of Asia’s great cities, there’s so much more to explore outside the the common tourist hangouts. So, let’s look at some of the budget-friendly destinations to visit in Taipei that will allow you to experience the city as a local.


Huashan Creative Park (Huashan 1914)

The underground indie scene is big in Taipei, and you’ll mostly find the pioneers of the movement in Huashan Creative Park. The site used to hold one of Taiwan’s biggest wine factories until it was abandoned in the 1980s. Now, it’s home to creatives and artists from different fields; from fashion, music, theater, photography, arts and crafts, dance and dining. You can usually catch free performances by a local music, theater or dance group in the area, as well as exhibits from various photographers or painters. This is definitely a must-visit for those wanting to immerse themselves in Taipei’s local indie scene and easy on the wallet!


Nanmen Market

The countless night markets in Taipei are worth a visit for their delicious food and fun, rowdy vibe. You could also pay a visit to where all of the food stalls source their ingredients. 

Nanment Market is one of the oldest traditional markets in Taipei. It was built in 1906 and continues to thrive until this day. This no fuss, no frills market is a two-floor maze containing rows and rows of stalls. On the first floor you’ll find packed and dried goods and on the second, you’ll see an assortment of raw produce. The market is similar to the huge markets you can find in Bangkok, full of locals shopping for an assortment of products. If you feel hungry after walking through all those delicious ingredients, you can head to the food court located above the market to grab some cheap and authentic Taiwanese meals.


Nanya Rock Formation

Jiufen is one of the top destinations to go to for a day trip from Taipei. Daydreaming in Paradise’s feature on ‘30 Things to do in Taiwan’ says the gold mining town of Jiufen is like Taiwan’s Santorini, rich in traditional culture. It offten gets crowded with tourists which can make it hard to experience the authenticity of the location. For a less crowded travel experience, The Munching Traveller recommends taking a bus to Nanya Rock, just a few kilometers from the town of Jiufen. The site was formed due to a thousand years of erosion and weathering, which resulted in the breathtaking location that seems to stick out to the skies.


Lin Liu-hsin Pupper Theater Museum

Puppetry is an important performing art in Taiwan, but many tourists often miss this aspect of Taiwanese culture and heritage. Visit the Taiwan Puppet Theater Museum to explore a collection of various puppetry artifacts gathered in Taiwan and around Asia. Moreover, understand more about this traditional performing art through watching a performance. Afterwards, the audience even gets the chance to see the puppets and puppeteers up close - this another attraction that is easy on the wallet!

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