Our Favorite Month to Travel: October!!


We often get asked when the best time to travel is - and the answer really just depends on where you want to go (it's a bit of a lame answer we know). Overall though, if I had to recommend a month for traveling anywhere - I'd recommend October!

In many places, including parts of the United States, the leaves are turning colors and the fall foliage is truly breathtaking. The days are still sunny and warm but you get nice cool evenings. I love fall and experiencing it in a new place is a truly magical experience!


Financially speaking, your budget also goes further in October since many tourist destinations consider it off-peak season. For example, hotels in romantic Santorini can be about half the price of peak summer dates! Because there aren't any major holidays during October, travelers also avoid the upcharge for flights near holiday weekends!

We do want to acknowledge that for anyone still in school or that has school-age kiddos, traveling during October can be tricky - so it's definitely not for everyone! If you can swing it though, it's a fun month to be surprised!

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