Our Favorite Vacation Spots!

We get asked this question a lot: What is your favorite trip you two have ever taken? It's a good question and honestly, it's a really tough one for us to answer. We have been fortunate enough to visit many places and it's hard to pick a favorite. There are also other factors like it being our first trip together or our honeymoon or simply the fact that we had good weather that can shape our perception of a particular place. Also, like any married couple - we can't agree on anything : )

So here are our favorite spots (in no particular order) and a little bit about why we enjoyed them so much:



Simply Roshni is obsessed with glaciers, cheese and chocolate. I know it's a weird combo but we pretty much spent the entire trip either trying to touch a glacier (successfully!), looking for and petting cute Swiss cows or eating fondue. I don't think we ate a single vegetable the entire week we were there! The scenery was beautiful and we really enjoyed the clean and punctual trains.

Costa Rica


We went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon and not only was it beautiful, it was FULL of awesome wildlife! I've always been a fan of seeing animals in their natural habitat instead of at a zoo and Costa Rica did not disappoint! We saw sloths (and baby sloths) in trees, saw baby sea turtles walk into the ocean and the prettiest Toucans I've ever seen in the wild. It was simply incredible!



If you follow our Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen that Jeff likes history and that some of our clues relate to things that have happened in the past or ancient mythology. Well we are nerds....and Italy is just about the best place for history nerds. I'll admit that I (Roshni) do like ancient mythology but am not really into history but I do love stuffing my face with delicious food and wine - which is basically what I did the entire time we were there. Also, I got gelato every day - no regrets!



Japan was our first trip to Asia that wasn't to visit my family in India. A friend of ours from high school was living there so we saw him in Tokyo and then continued down the country. Everything was so interesting and unique and we found the juxtaposition  of super modern technology with ancient history and Buddhist temples very fascinating. 



We were only in the beautiful country of Iceland for 4 days (we live in DC so the flights aren't that long) and it was nothing like we expected. The thing that I found the most fascinating was the moss....I know it's weird but it was cool to see soft moss growing on everything instead of grass and trees. I also loved the small Icelandic horses and the very fluffy sheep - also it was stunning with waterfalls, rocky beaches and glaciers!

As I'm typing this post, I also want to add about 10 other vacations to this list that we really loved including Hawaii, Patagonia, Thailand, France....loving a vacation is also about your state of mind and if you're traveling with someone you love. If you're ready for us to plan you a great trip somewhere, start by filling out the survey below!