TVH Team Trip: Thailand!! Chiang Mai, Phuket and Bangkok


Thailand has been on our our personal bucket list ever since we sent our lovely honeymooners there (you can read about their trip here). Even though they had a great time and got to see some of the smaller islands, we only  had about 10 days so we decided to hit the highlights: Chiang Mai, Phuket and Bangkok (in that order). 

Chiang Mai: I can safely say that Chiang Mai was my favorite stop on our tour of the country. It was beautiful with the jungle and mountains and was pretty chill and laid back compared to other large cities. I really enjoyed all the fresh food and the open air markets.  We also thought the temples were a lot less crowded (and therefore more enjoyable) than the ones in Bangkok and we atually hiked down a mountain from one of them. The highlight for Jeff was feeding bananas to elephants at a rescue sanctuary!


Phuket: This was the second stop in our trip and Phuket was a lot larger than I expected! We stayed in the Patong area which is a beach party town and is infamous for its Bangla Walking Street. It was Songkran  when we visited (Thai New Year celebrated with a giant water fight) and it was really fun having water fights in the streets with locals and tourists alike! The only planned excursion we did was sea kayaking around the famous limestone islands - we saw monkeys and bats!


Bangkok: This was our last stop before we went back to DC and we kicked it off by trying "Dining in the Dark" which is pretty much eating dinner in total darkness. I have to say, it was a cool experience but I'm not sure I'd do it again because I (Roshni) felt a little claustrophobic. Jeff actually had the opposite experience and thought that the room went on forever - I guess we'll never know : ) We also went to one of the biggest markets in Asia and that had everything from clothes, shoes, food, souvenirs, perfume and even wild animals! This was my favorite market we went to because I thought it was pretty local and we hardly saw any tourists! 

I have to say, even though we did have a wonderful time, the flights were really quite long from the DC area. On the way over there we had a 13.5 direct flight from DC to Tokyo and then another 7 hour flight from Tokyo to Bangkok. Rather than starting our trip in Bangkok, we actually booked a domestic flight to Chiang Mai which left a few hours after we arrived at the Bangkok airport from our connection in Tokyo. Thailand would be a fun surprise trip for the right traveler (coming from the right place) but the trip would definitely need to be on the longer side!

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