5 Surprising Facts About Airplanes


We talk a lot about vacations and flying to somewhere great, but we often overlook the vehicle that makes these surprise trips possible: the airplane! We aren't going to sit here and bore you with all the ways airplanes are cool and all the science of how they work (there is the internet for that) but we did want to share some interesting facts:

1. The Wright brothers invented and first flew an airplane in 1903 - and it only went 120 feet. You can see the actual Wright flyer at the Smithsonian in Washington DC (our hometown!).

2. English is the international language of flight. All flight controllers and pilots who fly on international flights are required to learn and speak English.

3. The first woman in the US to become licensed to fly a plane was Harriet Quimby - she was also the first woman to fly across the English Channel.

4. The amount of fuel that a Boeing 767 carries is enough to fill about 1,400 minivans.

5. In the US about 2 million passengers board more than 30,000 flights a day.

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