TVH Bucket List Vacation Ideas - Part 2

We love hiking at The Vacation Hunt, and always on the lookout for a good hike for our personal vacations. Today, we want to share 5 more of our bucket list hiking vacations! Each of these trek ideas can easily be included with other area attractions to give your vacation the perfect mix of outdoor adventure, relaxation, and cultural experiences.

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1) Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has hikes for every level of hiker! The greatest challenge, though, is the rim-to-rim hike, 24 miles of rough terrain usually over 2-3 days. While the views from the South Rim are beautiful, the views below the rim put you deep into the heart of the Grand Canyon. Hikers into the canyon can camp in one of several campgrounds or can stay in one of the most exclusive lodges in America, Phantom Ranch (books up to 13 month in advance, so plan waaaaay ahead!). 

2) Mt. Fuji

Mt Fuji Hiking

Climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan is 2-3 day adventure, as most climbers spend the night on the mountain in one of Fuji's climbing station huts. The communal spirit of spending the night in the hut with like minded climbers is undoubtedly part of the Fuji climbing experience, along with waking up in the dark of the night to reach the summit for sunrise.  The mountain-climbing season is short, however, so this is another trek that requires advance planning to reserve your spot for the night!

3) Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China Hiking

The Great Wall has been restored in some sections, and remains completely wild in others. Thousands visit the sections closest to Beijing (Badaling or Juyong Pass), where little remains of the original structure. However, other portions are both much less visited and offer an awesome hiking opportunity, such as the length of wall stretching east from Gubeikou, passing over craggy ridges and ancient villages as the wall winds across the landscape. 

4) Bernese Oberland

Bernese Oberland Aletsch Glacier

Switzerland is famous for its Wanderwegs (literally translated footpaths, but we like the "wander" part), crisscrossing the country. While it's hard to say which region is the most scenic, The Bernese Oberland region can certainly stake a claim. A multi-day hike through the region makes for a fantastic trek, viewing crystal clear Alpine lakes, descending into the steep glacial-carved valleys, climbing the Kleine Scheidegg pass, the fantastic views of Jungfrau mountain, and stuffing yourself with fondue! One valley over, the Aletsch glacier is the largest in Europe, and hiking the ridge over the glacier makes for a great day hike filled with photo opportunities!

5) Kilimanjaro


Africa's tallest peak rises above Tanzania's savanna, creating an entirely different world than the surrounding landscape. The national park requires visitors to climb the mountain with one of the guide agencies, but this is just as well, as they will handle the logistics for your week-long climbing adventure.  Look out from the top of the mountain across the African landscape, and then climb down and enjoy the wildlife on safari in the Serengeti!

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