Why You Two Should Take a Surprise Honeymoon (or any other surprise romantic trip)


If you haven't heard already, we here at TVH love planning surprise honeymoons and have a whole page dedicated to them here. What you may not know is why exactly we love planning them and why you should consider going on one (or a similar romantic vacation). 

Wedding planning is stressful and planning a perfect honeymoon afterwards can be as well. Add the stress of "once in a lifetime" mentality (you'll remember it forever so you want it to be great) and it can be overwhelming. Additionally, a lot of couples have a hard time deciding on where to go and fitting in what both people want. We get it, it's hard.  That's why you should consider a surprise honeymoon! We take what both of you want in your honeymoon and blend it into the perfect pairing - just like you two! Adding the element of surprise reduces the stress of deciding on a location and is a fun way to start your new adventure (and new life) together. 

As for why you should let us plan your surprise honeymoon (we are biased on this one) we love planning romantic couple trips in general and a honeymoon is the epitome of that. We're a husband and wife team and have been together since high school (over 13 years). In that time, we've had the opportunity to see a lot of the world together and since we are so different ourselves - we've become experts on blending the wants/likes of two people into a single fun, amazing and romantic trip! We genuinely enjoy planning trips for couples in love and if we were you, we'd want someone in love and happy to plan our honeymoon as well. 


We understand that deciding to take a surprise honeymoon is a big decision and we treat it as a great responsibility for us, after all we want to make your trip perfect. If you two are interested, you can fill out our trip survey and check "trip planning & surprise honeymoon" and we'll chat with both of you to plan the perfect honeymoon!