The Mental & Physical Benefits of Taking a Surprise Vacation

For the readers of this blog, you'll know that we don't usually write about many "mushy" topics, but we really wanted to address just some of the many benefits of taking a vacation (or a surprise vacation!). Of course, we are biased towards the ones we plan, but any vacation can have a great impact on your mind and body. Here are some them:


1. Mental Reset

The whole idea of taking a trip anywhere to get away from the ordinary and the every day grind. Seeing something new, getting some sunshine and meeting others is great way to recharge yourself.


2. Learn something

If you were anything like us, you only vaguely remember history class. Anywhere you go there is history and culture and it really comes to life when you are at the exact location. Everyone learned about the Colosseum or the Parthenon, but seeing then in real is something you'll never forget.


3. Reconnect with Loved Ones

We get really wrapped up in our lives on a daily basis and taking a trip together strengthens bonds of love and friendship even further. A romantic dinner by the beach in Aruba or exploring the streets of Zurich is going to be something that brings you closer and makes new memories.


4. Try New Food!

This is probably at the top of our personal list because it's the main reason we do anything - we love food and we love trying new things. Ever had fondue in Switzerland or Rosti? Real street corn and tacos in Mexico? You learn a lot about the culture of a place by what people eat and it's the best, most delicious kind of learning!


5. Easy Exercise 

This is probably the opposite of #4 but is an important benefit. When exploring a new city, you inevitably walk around (we once walked 96 miles in 10 days exploring Italy) and you enjoy it because you're seeing something new. Add in a hike along a cliff with stunning ocean views or a bike ride along Amsterdam's canals and you'll have more room to eat gelato (or whatever your guilty pleasure may be)!

Whatever your reason for taking a vacation, just do it. Don't keep putting it off and we're more than happy to help you plan it! To get started on your next adventure, fill out our trip survey: