Helpful Travel Apps for Surprise Travel & Beyond

We live on our phones, including when we travel. Today we wanted to share a few apps or programs we really love. These are all free so there's no excuse not to try them! 


1. Google Maps

This one is obvious but you can now download offline maps of major cities! You can also use the GPS and see where you are on the map! It's a great way to plan day trips or keep yourself oriented when wandering around town, even if you don't have data.

2. Google Translate 

You can download offline versions of languages and use the text converter, picture converter or my favorite, the voice converter. If you're traveling to Italy and don't speak Italian, no worries, you will still be able to use the picture converter to read the menu. It's pretty neat and handy when you're trying to convey or receive information.

3. Google Voice/What's App/Facetime

You're probably seeing a trend here, and no we don't work for Google. Basically, these are apps that let you communicate over Wi-Fi with those back home or even your hotel and tour operator. They are handy to have and a great way to stay connected for free.

4. Kindle/Netflix

When you have a long flight or are just waiting in a line, having something for entertainment is a great way to de-stress. Our pro tip on this one is to pick books or shows that are related to your destination. Both apps have an offline feature that doesn't require you to use data abroad. So if you're headed to Savannah, Georgia get a copy of Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil or download the movie version on Netflix!

5. Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat

Don't forget to share your pictures with us and your friends and family! It's always fun to see what people do, eat and see on vacation!

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