"Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing"

- Helen Keller

-Roshni & Jeff in Quito, Ecuador!

-Roshni & Jeff in Quito, Ecuador!

Travel, Adventures, Games...

That's pretty much us! We love traveling and can't wait to put our passion to work for you. From Portland to Patagonia, Tokyo to Toronto, in our house if there's not already a vacation on the calendar, there will be soon! From weekend getaways to week-long whirlwind adventures, we bring the same skills we've honed planning our own vacations to make your next trip an amazing experience. Trust us when we say we love planning trips, and enjoy the process of dreaming up where to go next!

Why choose us? Our goal at The Vacation Hunt is to make your next vacation as exciting and care-free as possible, dealing with the details of vacation planning that you either don't have the time for or stress you out!  We handle all the research, logistics and booking, so that you can be confident that all your options have been checked, the reviews are all top-notch, and the plan is tailored to your interests.

A surprise vacation is a great way to see the world from a different angle, enjoy your surroundings, meet new people and create new stories. We encourage you to have an open mind and embrace the unexpected, while having fun in the process - start today by filling out our trip survey!

- Roshni Agarwal & Jeff Allen, Co-Founders of The Vacation Hunt